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Domino Facette   Commercial Flags              

Domino® Facette Flags

Flagstones featuring stars and decorative diamonds and borders in almarine, carnelian and jurassic white, create a dazzling decoration. Reach for the stars with the new terrace flagstones from the Domino series.

The impressive and characteristic effect of the Domino Facette blasted flags stems from the particular blend of coloured and hardened natural stone dust, with coloured chipping from around the world. Individual Facette flags are also available ground and blasted.

Click here to see the full range of colours available

Domino Facette flags are available in standard 40 x 40 x 4 cm size, requiring 6.25 flags per square metre. The flags are two-layered, chamfered, with no spacer lugs and modified surface finish, and comply with DIN EN 1339.

Other sizes and thicknesses are available to order. Corporate logos and branding can be achieved using this paving.


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